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We at Crown Ceramics have got very spacious manufacturing plants withall the modern equipment and latest facilities for manufacturing of different types of refractory material and ceramics. While following good manufacturing practises we also follow the guidelines of ISO (International Organisation of Standardisation) so that our customers get the best quality material at the right time.

Crown Ceramics

With 4 tunnel Kilns working all round the year we are manufacturing 2500 tons of refractory and ceramics per Month. We always keep our inventory up and steady with products relating to our regular clients and also regular products, a stock is always maintained to supply constantly for six to nine months so that any manufacturing set-backs won’t hinder the smooth working and supply of materials.

Crown Ceramics Is One Of The biggest refractory manufacturer of western India, while catering the domestic market in India itself we also export to countries like Middle-East, Africa, Gulf Countries, Emirate countries, South America, Europe etcetera. We not only follow the Indian standards of production and testing but we also follow the ASTM (American Testing Standard) and BSI (British Standards Institution) so that our customers can be 100 % satisfied with our service.

We carter to many industries, the key industries that we work with are the lime and cement industries, forging units, heat treatment plant, steel plants, coke plants, sugar industries, glass factories, etcetera.


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