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Alumina Castable Firecrete (Super) 70%

We are engaged in providing high quality Firecrete (Super) 70% Alumina Castable to our clients. These catables are useful for forming strong joints and is used extensively in building material, metallurgy and petrochemical industries.

Product Type Firecrete (Super)
Nature Of Bond Hydraulic
Installation Vibrations Casting
General Properties  
Max.Service Temperature 1450. c
Maximum Grain Size 5mm
Water Required For Casting 10-11%
Chemical Analysis % Typical Value
AI2o3 70.2
Fe2o3 5.1
Cao 5.45
Physical Properties  
Bulk Density g/cc
Afer Drying At 110c/24 Hrs 2.25
CCS, kg/cm2 After Drying AT 110.C/24hrs 380
After Heating At 1100. C/3 hrs 250
After Heating At 1550. C/3 hrs 430
% Retained On max. Size 0.8
Thermal Properties  
Refractoriness, Orton / .C 0.018419489
after heating at 1100.C/3 hrs -0.12
after heating at 1550.C/3 hrs -0.7
packaging 25 kg bags
storage life 9 months
delivery state dry

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